Week in review.

so, I guess I splurged this week! More days over than under, which is not good. But at rocked my workouts this week, and weighed in down 10 lb on Wednesday. Also started my special lady moon time, which always makes me ravenous.


For the week

Totally failed to work out except on Tuesday. In my defense, I attended two births in a row this week and was awak for 50 hours.  Set up a yoga space in my house and hiked around 20 acres of grassland we are looking at buying.  Will yoga tomorrow. Feeling hot, lazy and fat!

oh yeah- goals

So I forgot to say what my goals are whenI wrote last night, so I thought that before the shield maiden and I start arguing about how much carbs I should eat or not eat, I should really write out my goals.

1- I’d like to lower my blood pressure. Its not high, its normal, averaging between 112-130/70-80, but I’d like to see that number be much lower.

2- I’d like to lower my fasting glucose numbers.  Back when I got my BIG SCARY LAB TEST, my fasting glucose was 95.  I was all like SWEET, no diabetes for me, bitch. But then I read this article which indicated that folks with a high end of normal fasting glucose were more than 2x more likely to develop diabetes in the future.  Not what I wanted to hear. I haven’t really looked into solid evidence about how I can lower that number, but common sense tells me getting rid of all this hormone secreting abdominal fat might help, and keeping a tight reign on my diet as well.

4- I’d like to be able to get up and down off the ground easily. (See this video for more info on the sitting and rising test and how it indicates longevity)

5- I’d like to loose 130#.   So, I  don’t have a goal weight, or don’t know what it is, but I am pretty sure I will know it when I get there.  Where does 130# come from?  Last year my family visited the Grand Canyon.  I am an avid hiker, but I had recently sprained my ankle at the Sutro Baths in California, and could not hardly hobble, much less hike below the rim, which is what I wanted to do. So naturally I looked up the famous donkey rides down into the canyon, and was a gasp to find that you must weigh below 190# to ride a donkey into the canyon.  I understand the weight limits protect the donkey, but I was still grumpy and offended! So my new goal, is for at least one week in my life, to weigh less than 190, and to get to the grand canyon that week and ride a freakin donkey.

6- I’d like a better body  ratio/ composition.  At my current weight my BMI is 42, which makes me dying of fattness.  I know that BMI is shit, since I would need to weigh 180 in order to be in the very highest range of normal.  For those that don’t know me, I am 6’1, with an 8 inch bony wrist.  I am pretty sure I would be skeletal at 200lb. A better but still not perfect measurement is to use hip to height and hip to waist ratios, or body fat caliper measurements.

I am all about fitness at any weight, and loving my fat body. But even if I can bike for hours and run and yoga and feel pretty fit, I know that as I age my body will feel better and perform better and live longer if I can get all my measurements and ratios and numbers into a different category.

i totally ate 3 slices of cake yesterday

I did. And I do not feel bad about it.  I feel alittle bad about the handful of gummy bears, the 3 cookies I ate for breakfast and the 3 gin and tonics.  Those were bad choices.  But cake on my golden girl’s 7th birthday?  7 Layer strawberry lemonaide cake.  NOPE not feeling bad.

But lets talk about tomorrow.  I am really really good at making plans. Very specific well planned out plans, plans that work. Or, they would work if I was also planning to do a little coke. See, I make great plans that would totally work if my only job was to do that one planned thing.  But, its not.  I have two littles (7 and 2 going on sh*t head/gosh I do love him, but this age is hard) that I homeschool, and I am small business owner who’s business happens to be catching babies in the middle of the night, and a little herbal side hustle.  And I am in school. And occasionally I like to spend time with my sweet sweet loving farmer man,  So I cannot actually commit to the very well thought out extravagant plans that I make myself.  So this time, lets do something a little different.  This time lets make a plan that actually works.

What is that plan? Well. Im not sure yet.

Here are the things I am ALREADY doing.

1- Im taking synthroid. Well, some off brand of it, but yep, Im on it.  I’ve been on it for about a month, as my TSH was at 3.75 and my B12 and Vit D were clinically low (supplementing both of those as well) I am hoping that when I finally stop feeling like I am actually a puddle on the floor, I can research natural alternatives to pumping up my thyroid and wean off the meds, but until then, I am some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon, and damnit I will take the boost.

2-Im doing weekly maintenance acupuncture, for back pain, insomnia, stress, and occasionally for weightloss.

3-Im doing weekly EMDR for my PTSD, and hoping to branch that out to include EMDR for emotional eating, which, my practitioner says is totally a thing. AWESOME.

4- I am doing weekly Private Yoga sessions, that are kicking my ass, and leaving me with a 20-45 minute homework that I have been so so on actually completing. I love the idea of a morning yoga routine, and think it not unreasonable with my life.  However, my achey arthritic back says otherwise at 7am, and I must kick its butt.

So what am I changing?

Starting tomorrow,

Im back to food tracking, cause dang, I like alot of treats.  I deserve  a treat. but all those treats add up to going high high up into the calories. My goal is roughly 4 oz protein at each meal, a little carbs with each meal, and some veggies and ferments at each meal too.

Im going to head to the library and pick up the Adrenal Reset Diet and check out if that dude has anything smart to say.

Im going to go get my labs drawn and add in a bunch of scary gene stuff too and meet with my doc.

Im adding some accountability.  With myself, with my sword wielding co-author, and with whoever you are.

Im going to actually do my yoga homework tomorrow morning.

And I actually think that is enough for tonight.

I’d like to run/walk three miles 3x this week, and I’d like to bike at least 3x this week. I will look at my calendar and figure out if that is doable, but at the least, we are doing this.

Right now, I am going to go eat some more cake though. Birthdays last all week right?