Training Together, Staying Together Still

13 has discovered a love for assisted chin-ups.  As I was trying desperately to grip the bar during some heavy deadlifts yesterday, he was happily cranking through a set of one million chin ups and flying through the air.

I get it. The thing that I hate the most about chin-ups/pull-ups is the way that even one rep feels like I might separate all of the limbs from my body.  There is something really great about pulling up your body weight freely and easily, even if it is with a lot of help.

Speaking of deadlifts, I’m really struggling with the lack of deadlift space in my little gym.  I managed to work in a set of deadlifts in between a bunch of teen boys — I was working the same weight as they were, but the fact that I was performing them in front of them, with them hanging out and watching, meant that I was super self-conscious and rushed my setup and my grip.  The result was that the lifts were total garbage.  But closing time was creeping up and I just wanted to get them in.  I wish there wasn’t a constant crunch for space.  Or maybe that I felt a little more comfortable claiming the space that is there.




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